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Self-Sealing Reactive Target

Manufacturers: NEWBOLD


Double-Alpha Academy is proud to offer an assortment of NEWBOLD Self-Sealing shoot-through targets and their KD pivot bases. NewBold Self Sealing polymer targets were the first targets of their kind, introduced back in 1995, and still set the industry standard for this kind of target. The targets and bases are made of ElastiMAX, which is a tough, flexible, hi-tech polymer material. This material will allow the bullet to pass through the target whole, without risk of splatter or ricochets. However enough energy is transferred to the target to knock it over, making it a practical and fun to shoot reactive target. After the bullet has passed through, the ElastiMAX material closes up, leaving only a pinpoint hole where the bullet has passed. You can shoot as many as 1000 hits on a single plate with .45 caliber ammo! (and much more with smaller calibers) before the target will need replacing.

No splatter or splash make these targets ideal for use on indoor ranges, where steel targets often may not be used.

NEWBOLD targets are:
· Safer than steel – no splash or splatter – and can be used in practically all indoor shooting ranges
· Lighter than steel – weigh 7 times less than steel targets of equal size, making them easy to transport
· Time savers – with a pull of the string you can reset the target (or multiple targets) making them faster to use then paper or steel
· Totally weather proof – can be left outside without worry
· Reactive – an excellent training aid, giving immediate and positive reaction to the hit
· Fun to shoot! Just give them a try and you’ll be hooked!

NOTE: Target DOES NOT include the Pivoting Target Base! This is sold separately.

How long will my target last?
A 6” can take up to 1000 hits with .45 FMJ ammo before needing replacement. Many more in smaller calibers.
What’s the best kind of ammo to use with these targets?
Either lead or FMJ (Ball) bullets are best. Using hollow points, wadcutters, semi-wadcutters and some flat-point rounds may shorten the life of the target Can I use rifle ammo on these targets?
Hi speed rifle ammo should be avoided, as most likely they will pass through the target too quickly to knock them over. Slower rifle rounds can be used, although these targets are primarily designed for pistol use.
Can I shoot at these targets with Pellets or BB’s?
NO! They will bounce back and can be dangerous.
Can I use them with paintball?
Yes, they react well to paintball hits, and are easy to wash off as well
Is the same KV pivot base used for all KV targets?
Yes, you can use the same base with all targets.
Why are the targets and bases sold separately?
Bases are sold separately from the targets, as since the targets are (hopefully) going to be hit much more often than the bases, it is likely you can keep and use the same base for more than one target.

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