Q. My pistol will not fit correctly into the PDR-Pro II holster

In some cases, it can be just one point or corner in the holster that is formed wrong and clashes with one point on the gun… and these kind of things are easily fixed:

  1. Open the tension screws and insert the gun.
  2. Tighten the tension screws as much as possible – applying pressure onto the gun, locking it firmly in the holster
  3. Using a heat gun, or even a hairdryer, apply heat to the Kydex, focus on the area where the poor fit has been noticed (this is easy to spot, as there will often be friction/craping marks inside the holster after the gun is forced in a few times). Heat it patiently for a few minutes, allowing the pressure of the gun from within to reform the kydex.
  4. Set it aside and let it cool complete.
  5. Back out the tension screws to a loose setting, and try the fit to the gun. It should be much improved.