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Double-Alpha Academy
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Lior ***
6 Feb 2022
Holster ordered: for M&P, left handed. Required slight filing to accommodate reversed mag release button.
For competition use, a holster needs to do a number of things very well. For me, the most important of these is getting and completing a perfect strong hand grip on the gun before...
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Gene ***
28 Nov 2021
Mounting system is great, I love the ability to adjust in an direction but unfortunately the Holsters are terrible and do not fit the gun properly at all. I have tried 3 of these and they all have similar issues with Fit ,heating to adjust fit did not work either, could never get the fit correct....
Rating: (1 of 5 Stars!)
David ***
8 Nov 2021
The holster is a perfect fit to my 5" M&P9, was easily adjustable in every direction possible and locks in place securely. The availability of left-handed models is a major plus. A good product at an attractive price.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Paul ***
12 Oct 2021
Great holster! Very easy to adjust and my gun is held securely in place and is easy to draw.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Rainier ***
10 Oct 2021
As advertised.. it fits perfectly with my CZ TS2. It can be adjusted to suit the positions I wanted it to be. I wanted a holster where I could just draw my gun and the PDR PRO II doesn’t disappoint.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Gary ***
13 Aug 2021
Great holster that can be adjusted. a couple sharp edges placed some holster marks on gun (Springfield Stainless) on slide, fixed by adding small piece of duct tape. Fit is really nice, adjustability is awesome!
Rating: (4 of 5 Stars!)


The importance of closed-body Kydex holsters in the competitive shooting world today, especially in production and IDPA categories, led DAA to design the DAA PDR PRO II competition holster.  DAA believes in constantly striving to improve their products, and the innovations in the DAA PDR PRO-II holster reflects that philosophy completely.

DAA focused long and hard on their PDR PRO holster design, while interviewing hundreds of customers to obtain their valuable feedback and as a result, they decided to make some integral changes to further improve the product.

This resulted in intense design changes which were initially geared to the rail, the part which joins the belt hanger ball-joint and the holster body.  DAA upgraded this from plastic to aluminum, and redesigned the manner in which the height adjustment and vertical lock-up are achieved. The PDR PRO-II now has a set-screw in the ball itself, which can be accessed from its inner side, to allow the user the ability of height adjustment to any position, not just in the predetermined 10 mm steps as previously. Additionally, the height adjustment can now be achieved without dismantling the holster and without losing any of the other settings.

The new rail attaches to the holster body in alignment to the pistol’s slide, which increases the range of adjustment in the ball joint, which in turn allows the user to bring the pistol much closer to the body than with the previous rail design.

The holster body itself has undergone several improvements as well. The high inner-flap which previously covered most pistols’ safeties has been lowered, allowing for a more complete in-the-holster shooting-grip. The material has been modified slightly thinner improving precision  in the fit and retention of the pistol. Additionally, the tension spacers have been modified and improved as well. The cut-out in the front of the holster body has been lowered more, to facilitate faster, more improved  holster clearance.

Of course the excellent features of the PDR PRO line have been retained: the slick fast unlined body, the advanced ball joint belt hanger with its wide range of adjustability, and the slim-line retention bars and spacers for use on competition belts ranging from 1.5”-2.0” in width.  Available only in Black, for right or left-handed shooters.

Holster compatibility: Click here.

THe PDR Pro 2 is the choice of Max Michel, USPSA and World Champion.


Q. My pistol will not fit correctly into the PDR-Pro II holster

In some cases, it can be just one point or corner in the holster that is formed wrong and clashes with one point on the gun… and these kind of things...

General questions about the PDR PRO-II

Q: What are the main features of the PDR PRO II?

A: The PDR PRO II kydex body is made of high quality kydex, folded to tight tolerances, specific to each gun.

Each PDR PRO II will include a thumb screw that...

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