DAA 3-Piece Steel Die Set .223

Double-Alpha Academy
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The Double Alpha Academy Reloading Die Sets, produced in collaboration with Lee Precision, are configured with the progressive rifle, pistol and revolver reloaders in mind.

Our configuration separates the crimping and seating dies while maintaining a 3-piece set for cost-effectiveness and efficient use of space in your reloading tool holder. Additionally, each set includes 2 spare decapping pins and 3 extra DAA thin-walled 1” steel locking nuts.

Why Choose Double Alpha Academy Reloading Die Sets?

Our reloading die sets are designed with precision, efficiency, and reliability in mind. Precisely produced by Lee Precision and configured by DAA, they provide an outstanding reloading experience for both experienced and novice reloaders.

Key Advantages:

  • Full length sizing. Full length case sizing and decapping.
  • Configured for the Action shooter: Our 3-piece sets separate crimping and bullet seating processes for better crimping results and to prevent case damage. Includes what you need – and none of what you don’t.
  • Comprehensive Customer Support: We are dedicated to assisting you with any questions or issues you may encounter.
  • All using industry standard 7/8" x 14 threading
  • Additional included Items:
    • 3 Additional locking nuts
    • 2 Spare decapping pins
    • Includes a custom, durable and multipurpose EVA box for convenient storage and portability. Also perfect for later use as an accessory box.

DAA Hardened Steel Full-Length Sizing Die

The DAA Hardened Steel Full-Length Sizing Die decaps and resizes your fired brass simultaneously to minimum tolerances, ensuring reliable function in both semi-automatic and fully automatic firearms. It's also ideal for loading mixed range brass. Which is why we chose a full-length sizing solution to accommodate fired brass from any rifle.

The decapper is retained by a collet, secured by tightening the collet bolt. If the pin encounters an obstruction, it will slide up without causing any damage.

Key Features:

  • Deprimes and Resizes: Ensures proper chambering in any firearm.
  • Sliding decapper: Helps prevents damage to the decapping pin.
  • Minimal Brass Wear: Enhances case longevity by minimizing brass overworking.
  • Full-Length Sizing: Recommended for Fired Brass and Range Brass: Ensures reliability under rough handling and consistent functioning in semi-automatic firearms.

Using a Case Length/Headspace Gauge is recommended for proper die adjustment.

Note: Lubrication is required for full-length sizing.

DAA Dead Length Bullet Seating Die

The DAA Dead Length Bullet Seating Die is easy to set up and adjust, thanks to the intuitive design of the depth adjustment stem.

The Dead Length concept ensures precise bullet alignment by using a floating seater plug that centers the bullet during seating. Unlike regular dies, this die features a restriction that guides the bullet for uniform seating depth. Adjusting the die to touch the shell plate eliminates press clearance, enhancing consistency. This design helps prevent bullet misalignment caused by improper case neck sizing, excessive crimp, or an uneven case mouth.

Key Features:

  • Easy Setup and Adjustment: Intuitive design of the depth adjustment stem.
  • Precise Bullet Alignment: Floating seater plug centers the bullet during seating.
  • Uniform Seating Depth: Features a restriction that guides the bullet.
  • Enhanced Consistency: Adjusts to touch the shell plate, eliminating press clearance.
  • Prevents Misalignment: Reduces issues caused by improper case neck sizing, excessive crimp, or uneven case mouth.

Collet Style Factory Crimp Die

The DAA Collet Style Factory Crimp Die ensures a firmer bullet crimp than any other tool, significantly enhancing performance and reliability, rivalling the crimp provided on factory ammunition. Unlike standard roll crimp dies, it eliminates the risk of case buckling. Tests have shown that even smooth bullets without a cannelure achieve greater accuracy when crimped with a collet style factory crimp die

Using a powerful collet, this die applies a factory like crimp to the case, making even the most challenging cartridges easy to reload. There's no need for a crimp groove or cannelure, as the collet is strong enough to create one yet without the risk of over-crimping or buckling the case.

This die not only prevents bullet setback but also improves accuracy. A solid crimp requires a higher-pressure build-up before the bullet moves, resulting in a more consistent pressure curve and reduced velocity variation. Additionally, it simulates the effect of seating the bullet close to the rifling, providing similar initial resistance.

Key Features:

  • Strong Bullet Crimp: Uses a powerful collet for easy reloading of challenging cartridges.
  • Prevents Bullet Setback: Keeps bullets securely in place.
  • Prevents Case Buckling: Eliminates risks associated with roll crimp dies.
  • Improves Accuracy: Effective even for smooth bullets without a cannelure.
  • No Crimp Groove Needed: Collet creates a crimp groove or cannelure as needed.
  • Consistent Pressure Curve: Requires higher-pressure build-up, reducing velocity variation. Mimics initial resistance of seating bullets close to the rifling.
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