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2007 Desert Classic, Area II Championship

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy


The Desert Classic, held every year at the Rio Slado Sportsmans Club, has earned the reputation of being one of the best matches anywhere in the world. In fact, the demand for each of the 350 available slots is such that they need to be raffled months in advance!

In this new Double-Alpha Academy production, we showcase this exceptional event as never before. Multiple camera angles on all of the 11 stages make you feel that you are right there. Saul Kirsch shoots all the stages with a new hi-resolution hat cam on his way to overall victory in this 20th Annual Desert Classic Area II Championship.

Watch leading European Open shooters Christian Wilda and Saul Kirsch battle it out with Joe Bridgman, Nick Saiti, Don Golembieski and other top Open competitors. Get into the action with Henning Wallgren, Taran Butler, Michael Voigt and the other Limited Supers. And share in the tight competition at the top of the Production division.

As a bonus section in this production, Saul offers a detailed tactical analysis of the six most interesting stages, interpreting each position and explaining the whys and hows of each stage.

Running time - 82 min.

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