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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy


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With Production Division on the rise and many shooters in this IPSC Division choosing a Kydex closed-body holster (and all USPSA Production shooters having to use it), creating a better Kydex holster is always high on our agenda. We believe in constantly striving to improve all our products, and the new innovations in the PDR PRO-II holster reflect that philosophy.

We took a long hard look at our PDR PRO holster, and combined with valuable customer feedback decided to make some changes to improve the product further.

The first area of focus and improvement was the rail, the part which joins the belt hanger ball joint and the holster body.

We upgraded this part from plastic to aluminum, and redesigned the manner in which the height adjustment and vertical lock-up is achieved. The PDR PRO-II now has a set screw in the ball itself, which can be accessed from its inner side, allowing you to adjust height to any position, not just in the predetermined 10 mm steps as before. Also this height adjustment can now be achieved without dismantling the holster and without losing any of the other settings.

The new rail attaches to the holster body more parallel to the gun’s slide, which increases the usable range of adjustment in the ball joint, allowing you to bring the gun much closer to the body than with the previous rail design.

The holster body itself has undergone several improvements as well. The high inner flap which previously covered most guns’ safeties has been lowered, allowing you to obtain a more complete in-the-holster shooting-grip. The material has been made slightly thinner to improve precision fit and retention of the pistol, and the tension spacers have been modified and improved. The cutout in the front of the holster has been lowered further, to facilitate faster holster clearance.

And of course the excellent features of the PDR PRO line have been retained: the slick fast unlined body, the advanced ball joint belt hanger with its wide range of adjustability, slim-line retention bars and spacers for use on competition belts ranging from 1.5”-2.0” in width.

Available only in Black, for right-handed or left-handed shooters.

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Lawrance Mouat
Date Added: Thursday 02 February, 2017
Brought for the Shadow II, works perfectly. Comfortable and precise.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Date Added: Sunday 06 November, 2016
I bought that holster for my shadow 2 and until now the holster perform great. Great holster Solid Easy to ajust the holster like you want The ajustments are still Solid no need of glue Until now I recommand that product
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Date Added: Thursday 06 October, 2016
Very nice holster. Quick draw and positive retention. Adjusts to make it fit to specific body type and preferences are quite intuitive and easy to do. I'm a happy customer. Tightening the safety screw is not really necessary as the kydex provide enough retention by it self. The losser the screw the better. On the other hand, lockit all screws before using the holster. At least all screws that will remain lose. If using aftermarket tall Glock sights, check that such sights do not scratch the inner side of the holster, if they do, heat it and mold it to prevent such issue.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Date Added: Tuesday 04 October, 2016
Good holster, fits my Tanfoglio limited perfect unlike other brands. Just needs a drop of locktide.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
David Pape
Date Added: Monday 29 August, 2016
Being that the 1911 max needs a specific holster it was a big relief to be able to find a holster To fit the gun exactly!! The pdr series were good holsters but the best thing about daa is they listen and innovate and all the upgrades on the pdr 2 are great and make the holster great!!! The ball joint design is top of the line hands down!! It allows you to set the holster exactly to where you want it exactly!!! And being able to take it off the rail with out moving that adjustment is key! It makes all the difference not having to reset the entire holster to make a height adjustment it's!! And as always high quality the hanger is rock solid this is a great product!!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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