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Open Super Squad, 2005 US Nationals
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy

Open Super Squad, 2005 US Nationals

The US Nationals brings together the best shooters in the world ? and this year more so than ever! The 2005 match date only one month before the World Shoot made this competition even more significant.

In this Double-Alpha Academy production you will witness IPSC shooting as never seen before: multiple camera angles, professional video editing, and the all-new high-resolution "hat-cam".

Get behind the gun with world-class GM shooter Saul Kirsch and experience what the match really looks like from the shooter's viewpoint. 
Interviews with some of the top shooters, stage by stage tactics and performance commentary by Saul  make you feel you're part of the action, right there on the Super Squad.

Intro Clip (5.2MB) 
Hat cam by Saul on stage 1 (dark house) (2.9MB) 
Saul on stage 15 (1.6MB) 
Chris Tilley on stage 16 (1.5MB) 
Hat cam by Saul on stage 17 (1.7MB) 
Max Michel on stage 18 (1.4MB)

Open Super Squad, 2005 US Nationals

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