Double-Alpha C-more Mount
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy

Double-Alpha C-more Mount

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The DAA C-more mount incorporates several new innovative features making this mount one of a kind!

The mount configuration is a traditional C-more Upright mounting system, which is available in two color options and in heights suitable for either STI (and all 1911 and 2011 pistols) or a lower Tanfoglio model.

The mount features an integral heavy duty blast shield to minimize dirt and possible debris damage  to your C-more lens.


The new features of this mount include:

Steel inserts for C-more mounting screws

Unique to this mount are steel insert nuts embedded into the horizontal mount platform, into which you screw down your C-more. In other mounts, those screws are held in aluminum, and the threads there can be damaged or worn, forcing you to replace the mount. Not with the DAA C-more mount! Steel nuts ensure a virtually indestructible thread, and the option to replace them if need be. Two stainless steel mounting screws are included, however you can use your original C-more screws a well.

Magnetic Support Arm

This mount features an all new ambidextrous, detachable support arm which is perfect for propping the gun up off the table, allowing a better and faster grip on those table-top start stages. The support arm, made of a steel core with a plastic cover, clicks into place from either the left or right side, and is firmly held in place as you shoot by a powerful magnet assembled into the mount. It can be removed instantly without tools to allow for easy packing of your pistol, or should you choose not to use it.

Newly designed Adjustable Thumb-Rest

The mount includes an integrated wide (16mm) thumb rest paddle, which fits directly onto the vertical side of the mount. The thumb rest can be positioned in any of 15 pre drill holes and in each at either 30 or 45 degree angle. This allows each user to position the thumb rest to best fit his hand size and grip style. And of course, should you choose not to use it, the mount paddle can be removed without affecting the way the mount is assembled.

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Double-Alpha C-more Mount
Weine Samuelsson
Date Added: Tuesday 12 April, 2016
I have now used this mount in my first match and I am sorry to say that i had to leave the match as a loser. The design of the thumb rest is a big mistake. The thumb rest is mounted with a screw from the inside on the vertical side . On the first target in a long course the thumb rest came loose and the screw prevented the slide to feed the next round . I had to help the slide after every shoot (32 shoot) . Afterwards I could see how the slide was scratched by the screw . Do I need to say that i had the worst time of all competitors. Yes , I had blue screw locking but it still came loose. Please redesign the thumb rest to be mounted from the outside on the vertical side.
Rating: (2 of 5 Stars!)
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Double-Alpha C-more Mount

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