DAA Adjustable Standard Thumb Rest
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy

DAA Adjustable Standard Thumb Rest

Reviews: 4.6 of 5 Stars!(Current Reviews: 4.624)

Due to popular demand, we are pleased to now offer our very successful Adjustable Thumb Rest, in a new, narrower configuration, especially designed to fit the box for Standard division shooters. The new paddle width is 11mm (down from 16mm) allowing a standard STI Edge to fit easily into the box with this Thumb Rest attached.

The DAA Adjustable Thumb-Rest allows you to do what no other will – to adjust both the angle and the position of your thumb-rest with just a turn of a screw!

The benefits of mounting a thumb-rest on the pistol are well established, and many top shooters choose to use one on their competition guns. These are legal for both Open and Limited/Standard divisions, as long as the box restrictions are met.

The biggest problem, however, is deciding where exactly to mount the thumb-rest, and what angle will best suite your shooting grip. Once mounted, other thumb-rests are difficult or impossible to reposition, as the screw holes are already drilled into the frame. And why should you be limited to the elevation angle decided on by one manufacture or another? No longer! You can now adjust your thumb-rest as you like, experiment, and readjust as often as needed. Our unique original design allows for unlimited adjustments within a range of about half an inch, and these adjustments can be done without removing the thumb-rest from the frame. You can adjust the paddle even as the base remains locked in place.

The DAA Adjustable Thumb-Rest is available with either a light grey or Black Hard Anodize finish.

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DAA Adjustable Standard Thumb Rest
David Sweeter
Date Added: Sunday 26 March, 2017
I searched many thumb rest before I settled on this one, none of the others were adjustable. I was putting this one in my Cz Tactical Sport .40 so I dropped it off at my gunsmith to have him drill and tap the frame to accept the rest, he too was very impressed with the quality and asked where I got it. $30 later the rest was on my Cz and I was banging Alphas all day long. This rest adds so much control to your firearm it's like shoot a 9mm Not only dose this rest feels and looks great but its upped my game. Well worth the money !
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA Adjustable Standard Thumb Rest
John Carduner
Date Added: Tuesday 16 August, 2016
The Adjustable Thumb Rest has dramatically increased my competition scores in NRA Timed and Rapid Fire at 25 yards. I'm back on target much quicker by controlling muzzle rise. A truly innovative and high quality product!! My only suggestions are: (1) The unit did not have enough set back on the upper portion to clear the side of my slide (1911 Single Stack). I tried this item on four different 1911 manufacturer's pistols, with the same result. A metallic metal shim of 0.020" (approximately 0.500mm), of the same rectangular shape as the bottom of the rest, with screw clearance holes, would be ideal to give the needed clearance without leaving an objectionable opening; (2) If the instructions mentioned the screws' thread size (4mm X 0.7 pitch), it would be a big help to those who do not have a metric thread gauge, in order to select the proper tap size for threading the mounting holes that have to be drilled into the side of the 1911's dust cover.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA Adjustable Standard Thumb Rest
Paul Drakeley
Date Added: Monday 20 June, 2016
Most impressed with the quality of the thumb rest, it has been helpful in controlling recoil, thank you
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA Adjustable Standard Thumb Rest
Daniel Kiesey
Date Added: Thursday 02 June, 2016
Added the adjustable thumb rest to my CZ Tactical Sport and am very pleased with the results. It feels very natural and the double tap results are the best I've had.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
DAA Adjustable Standard Thumb Rest
Date Added: Thursday 14 January, 2016
i'm very satisfied of the thumb rest. the reception of the part was good. i recommend to my friends
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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DAA Adjustable Standard Thumb Rest

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