CED7000 Replacement Battery
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Manufacturer: CED

CED7000 Replacement Battery

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After approximately 2 years of use, you are likely to see a deterioration in the performance of your rechargeable battery in your CED7000 shot time. This is normal, and a familiar situation with all cell phone, PDAs and other devices using small rechargeable batteries.

You can purchase a new battery and replace it yourself; however, you must do so with caution, as the small connectors and parts in your timer can easily be damaged if mishandled.

You can always choose to have us change the batter for you – in which case you need to send us your timer, and we will charge you only for the battery and the cost of mailing the timer back to you.

Should you choose to change the battery yourself, follow these instructions:
Remove the small screws from the back of the timer, and then using a flat blade knife, pry open the two halve of the timer. Try to unlock both sides before gently pulling them apart – you want to pull the halves straight away from each other, not at an angle, as there are two sets of plugs that are being unplugs as you separate the parts.

** In the oldest models, there are wires connecting the two halves (first and second production only, for timers dating back to June-July 2006). In this case do not separate the parts too far apart – as you do not want to pull the wires loose.

Unplug the old battery, and insert the new one. Use a piece of double sided tape or warm glue to hold it in place so it does not rock around. Assemble the timer again, pay attention to align the plugs correctly, as well as the small plastic lip between the top “Start” and “Review” buttons. Press the two halves together until they click into place, and reassemble the screws.
Do not over tighten the screws!
Dispose of the old battery according to regulation.

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CED7000 Replacement Battery
Date Added: Monday 10 October, 2016
Bought 2 replacement batteries for the CED 7000, very easy website to negotiate and the articles arrived in New Zealand after about 6 days.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000 Replacement Battery
Date Added: Saturday 21 May, 2016
It was easy to replace even without instructions. The timer is now like new again.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000 Replacement Battery
Jason Woolley
Date Added: Friday 25 March, 2016
I have enjoyed using my CED 7000 shot timer for competition scoring over the past 3 years. Eventually like in all electronics, the battery gets a little old and the charge will not last as long, but no problem as I bought this replacement battery from Double Alpha. The battery is east to replace, and my timer is now all set for many more years of use, thanks Double Alpha!
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000 Replacement Battery
Anthony White
Date Added: Sunday 21 October, 2012
Over time battery will sometimes have problems to save returning the CED7000 back for repairs you can obtain a replacement battery for a very reasonable price arriving in a couple of days via DHL and a simple replacement and you can have your unit working in no time five minutes max. We are keeping a spare in the same pouch for a back up battery.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000 Replacement Battery
Dick Seger
Date Added: Wednesday 28 October, 2009
De battery werd prompt de volgende dag geleverd en het nmonteren ervan was simpel met de bijgeleverde instructies. Timer werkte meteen weer.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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CED7000 Replacement Battery

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