Race Master Holster Headless / Flat Tension Screw

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29 May 2017
Excellent product and quality. Received by me in no time
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Germain ***
26 Nov 2011
Very nice screw to have.
I don't have to worry about hitting the original screw that come with the holster.
You do not need to adjust it all the time anyway.
IMO, low profile is better.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
6 Apr 2011
I feel the holster should be delivered with this tension screw and the thumb screw should be optional but hey, what do I know. I just like the holster a lot better with screw as it will not become mal-adjusted in handling and the gear bag. Adjustments stay put.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


The Stainless Steel "Headless" Tension Screw for the older generation Race Master holster (Right hand only!), does away with the larger manual turn tension knob.. This screw allows for adjustment using a flat head screwdriver.  The result is a slim-line smooth look which does not incur any bulk or risk brushing into any close objects during competitive shooting movement.

The headless screw is 3mm longer on the threaded section, so there is less chance of losing it, and extends only a fraction from the holster body in the loose setting.

* The current model of the Race Master Holster no longer incorporate the tension knob option.  All current models ship with magnetic insert assembly blocks only.  Therefore, the above headless screw would not be applicable to this holster model.  It also can NOT be used for left handed holsters.

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