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Taylor Freelance Glock 170mm +12 (9mm only) base pad with spring

Manufacturers: Taylor Freelance


MAXIMUM FIREPOWER! The TF updated 170mm floorplate offers up to +12. It is optimized for 9mm in this revision, giving 9mm "Open gun" drivers a chance to load TWENTY NINE and one in most cases.                        

TF also re-profiled the interior to better accommodate the new "chisel-point" followers.                         

This 170mm "+8" was the first mag extension, built by TF for USPSA's "Open Division" in the 1990s. ("Open" is the firearm equivalent of top-fuel drag racing.) This latest version provides as much as +12 rounds of 9mm, depending on the particulars of your magazine/follower combination.                             

Got a .40? TF recommends their new .40-specific 170mm basepad. The 9mm version will work with the .40, but is finicky about bullet profile. Small changes make a big difference!                         

Ships with a custom-made Wolff spring.

For Glock17/22/24/34/35

Disclaimer: We are not able to ship Internationally, due to U S State Department regulations (including Canada), as well as to US citizens living in States or cities that restrict hi-cap magazines. Please check your local laws carefully!

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