Support system

Maintenance and Care

Your new Race Master Holster is constructed of several precisely machined moving parts designed to work together and fit snugly to the trigger guard of your firearm. As with your firearm itself, every effort should be made to keep the holster well maintained, clean, and dust-free. Using a dust cover over your firearm and holster is a good practice that helps keep both your gun and holster clear and clean.

Periodically and more often in dusty conditions, remove and clean the Insert Block Assembly (4) with compressed air or a brush. If you wish to reduce the draw friction further, apply a silicon spray to the Delrin moving parts in the Insert Block Assembly (4). This loosens the holster dramatically. Do not over apply, as you do not want the moisture to attract dust.

All screws tend to work loose over time, especially in a mechanical device subject to vibration and movement like a holster. We recommend you check and tighten the adjustment screws of the holster regularly. If you are sure of your settings, you can also consider locking them with Locktite or a similar substance.

With correct care and proper use, this Race Master Holster will offer you many years of reliable service, and should you need any support or assistance, feel free to contact us.