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Sabre Pepper Spray
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Sabre Pepper Spray

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SABRE Pepper Spray – Maximum Strength

In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation and in CED’s concern for the personal safety and protection to our customers’ and their loved ones, we now offer two excellent protection products.  Your first line of self-defense is as close as your key chain. In many instances you would have your keys in your hand anyway. The SABRE RED Maximum Strength Pepper Spray is one of our most popular choices.   Don’t allow yourself to be victimized.

The Quick Release with detachable keychain allows immediate access to your defense spray when unlocking a door or driving an automobile. The most popular SABRE style, the PINK PEPPER SPRAY Quick Release, is a powerful 0.54 oz container delivering a ballistic stream which reduces wind blow-back.  This compact canister delivers approximately 25 shots with a range of 10 feet.


  • Help fight breast cancer
  • Sabre Red Formula - Maximum strength pepper spray
  • Detachable keyring with quick release
  • .54 oz Key Ring
  • Projects 10 Feet
  • Ballistic Stream Delivery - Reduces Wind Blow-Back
  • Contains Approximately 25 Shots


State laws prohibit us from shipping this pepper spray model to AK, HI, MA, or NY

Sabre Pepper Spray

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