Flex / Alpha-X / Racer-X Muzzle Support assembly

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Dennis ***
17 May 2024
This helped with the wobbling issue of my Alien pistol.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Ireneusz ***
27 Dec 2023
Works great, the aluminium rod is longer than you think.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Lance ***
16 Aug 2023
worth the wait! look forward to using it at my next 5gun match. worked great at the range.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Edward ***
3 Aug 2023
The alpha X muzzle support is a great addition to the holster. It makes the holster more secure for moving around the event and courses.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Neil ***
27 Jul 2023
Just what was needed to stabilize my pistol with the release off
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Robert ***
4 Mar 2022
Awesome product and service. Prices are just as awesome. I will purchasing more items in the near future. ????
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


Fits the following holsters:

  • Flex
  • Alpha-X
  • Racer-X

Some shooters prefer to have a muzzle support on their competition holster. This is an indisputable fact.

While most users will find that the Race Master holster functions perfectly without the additional muzzle support, there are some added advantages to using this extension: The muzzle support prevents the gun from being dislodged upwards, which could happen if bumped on the shooters thigh, or against a prop, during a walkthrough. If the holster was left unlocked, the gun can be dislodged. The muzzle support prevents this from happening.

With some gun types it is difficult to keep the gun from slightly rotating in the holster, when held only by the trigger guard. This is particularly noticeable with guns which have a totally round trigger guard, such as is the case with most 1911’s, Para’s and Revolvers. The muzzle support keeps the gun rock solid, and prevents any chance of movement at all. Especially with the extra heavy revolvers, the muzzle support helps carry the weight and secure the gun in all conditions.

And so, rather than turning away customers who want a muzzle support – we have made it possible now to use the popular high-end Race Master and Racer Holsters with this additional muzzle support option.

As of early 2014, we started to add to all the Race Master holster bodies an additional M8 threaded hole in the bottom of the holster body, to allow the muzzle support to be added easily and cheaply.

If you have one of these newer holsters – all you need is the basic Muzzle Support Assembly (consisting of the vertical rod, the muzzle platform and the muzzle pin) Equally, if you have an older holster, but you are willing and able to drill and tap an M8 hole in the bottom of the holster – there is no need for additional parts.

If your holster body does not have this hole, and you are not able or willing to add it, we have a drop-on solution ready for you! You can purchase the Race Master Muzzle Support Body Adaptor, which attaches to your existing holster body without needing any fitting or modification. Note that this part is available for Right-Hand Race Master holsters only (not left-hand RM, or Racer holsters).

If you plan to use this muzzle support for your Revolver, you will need in addition the Race Master/Racer Muzzle Support Revolver Adaptor. This adaptor serves to extend the muzzle support further forward for revolver use. Note that this adaptor can be attached directly to the holster body (if that M8 hole is there/made) or can be attached onto the Race Master Muzzle Support Body Adaptor.

To use this muzzle support assembly on a Racer holster, you would need to drill and tap an M8 thread into the body of the holster.

Available in black only.

* Holster and/or gun shown in pictures is not included.

* Compatible with Alpha-X, Race Master and Racer holsters.

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