ELS Adaptor Plate for DAA Pouches, 2-pack

Double-Alpha Academy
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Glen ***
7 Nov 2022
Great Adapter, and can be used with other mag pouches (ie: BSG, Henning, etc) with a few modifications and thinking outside the box.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
David ***
25 Jul 2019
Great fit! I'd been asking for these for some time, and I wasn't disappointed. Nice slim fit keeps the mags close to the belt. Couldn't be happier, and now I can use my DAA holsters for 3 gun.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Travis ***
23 Jun 2019
They fit perfectly. They are the best option I have found to be able to use the ELS quick change adapters.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


The ELS Adaptor Plate for DAA Pouches make it possible to use the full range of DAA pouches and accessories on the Safariland ELS belt system.

The ELS Belt system is a popular choice amongst 3-gunners, for its quick and reliable on/off adjustability, allowing gear to be setup and changed around quickly.

While Double-Alpha does offer it’s own version of quick change hangers, the DAA Rail System, we have had many customers over the years asking us for a solution to allow them to use their preferred DAA pouches on their wider ELS belt. We are happy to now oblige!

The ELS Adaptor Plate for DAA Pouches lets you attach your pouch’s hanger of the Race-Master ,Racer, Single Stack Racer, Alpha-X pouch, XI or XIP pouches, or any of our magnetic pouches, directly onto the supplied plate (screws including) and then, slide the pouch and its hanger onto the ELS retainers. Simple fast and easy.

Please note: the DAA AR15 pouches and Quad Loaders are supplied as standard with our DAA Rail System hanger and so are not compatible with this solution. You can resolve this by also ordering a Racer Pouch Hanger to replace the ELS hanger you have. Contact us for details on that option.

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