Dillon Rapid Polish 8 oz.

Dillon Precision Inc.

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Brandon ***
13 Feb 2021
You cannot go wrong with Dillon brass polish. I usually load about 250 to 500 9mm rounds.
Then put half in my dillon 750 I know the 750 will do more rounds but I don't like to overload the unit and overload my ears.just add about 3 to 5 capfuls an they turn out absolutely beautiful. WHEN I CAN...
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Chris ***
20 Jan 2017
Works very well. There is also no bad smell on this product.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)


Want your brass to shine? You bet your brass! Dillon Precision has developed another exciting new product to make your reloading faster and easier. Rapid Polish 290 is the first cartridge case finish designed specifically to bring a brilliant shine (20 percent brighter than tumbling media alone) and a protective coating to reloaded ammunition. Simply add several capfuls to the media in your tumbler and run. Rapid Polish 290 has ag reat residual value and stays in your tumbling media. You’ll use less each time you clean your cases.

Rapid Polish 290 contains no ammonia, so it won’t weaken brass cases!

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