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Matthew ***
17 Jan 2022
Alpha sent everything with lightening fast shipping. I had no issues with any of the components I ordered. My new XL750 works great and so does the case feeder. When something says, "in stock," it's actually in stock. Thank you, Alpha Dynamics.
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Important Note
The Dillon XL750 Powder Measure is angled such that the powder bar must extend directly over station #4 in the toolhead, and it cannot be repositioned. This Is not an issue if you have a short die in that station. However, if you wish to run a powder check in station #3, and a bullet dropper in station #4, as many do, this creates a serious problem. As a solution to this issue we are pleased to offer our  Extra-Short Dillon Powder Bar. (sold separately)


This Builder requires a Dillon 750 Press and at least 3 Dillon accessories to be activated.

Our “BUILDER” tool is an online “Custom Bundle” creation tool, which allows you to create a bundle of products to benefit from available discounts.

Our Dillon 750 Builder is bundle designed to allow you to add a Dillon 750 Machine and 750 accessories together in a single place.
No longer are you restricted to choosing from pre-defined packages to take advantage of the savings offered on these items. 
As you build your Dillon 750 Bundle, the full price of the items chosen is displayed, as well as the discounted price you will be paying.

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