Magnetic Ear Muff Belt Clip by Double Alpha

Double-Alpha Academy
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Winston ***
Thursday 04 January, 2024
works great and more rugged than I expected. I use this for our indoor range and find the clip is great for a normal belt. Will probably get some for our range officers.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
V. ***
Sunday 26 November, 2023
Will come off the belt, nerds improvement. I use a small tie wrap to keep it on belt
Rating: (2 of 5 Stars!)
Marco ***
Saturday 25 March, 2023
Very useful accessory. Easy to install and uninstall.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Mauricio ***
Friday 29 July, 2022
Not a great fit for the new link belt system, it moves around very easy.
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
James ***
Wednesday 27 July, 2022
Not a perfect fit on the DAA belt, would be better if it was a snug fit, there is some play to it, making it a hit or a miss on some tries taking off the ear muffs
Rating: (3 of 5 Stars!)
Bob ***
Tuesday 31 May, 2022
Snelle levering en past prima op een Gugaribas riem.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Important Note
Does not fit the Lynx Belt


We do like our magnets here at DAA, and this new Belt Clip is another great example of how practical and useful magnets can be.

The DAA Magnetic Belt Clip for Ear Defenders is the coolest, most practical and user-friendly solution for clipping your ear defenders to your belt.

Fast on, fast off, and while attached - your ear muffs lay securely flat against your thigh without excessive rocking or swinging.

Made of glass-fiber reinforced nylon for increased durability and flexibility. Available in Black only, with a Silver DAA Logo.

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