DAA Decapping/Expanding Pin for .223

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This Expanding/Decapping pin is compatible with the DAA Full Length Die included in the DAA 3-Piece Steel Die Set .223.
(Compatible with Lee dies, this pin is not suitable for use with Lyman or Dillon dies)
Also suitable for expanding and decapping .222, .22-250 Rem, .220 Swift.

Machined from hardened steel, this Expanding and Decapping pin performs two critical functions:

  • Expanding the Case Mouth: The pin gradually expands the case mouth with its tapered design, which transitions from .200” up to .223”. This gradual expansion ensures a smooth and precise widening of the case mouth, preparing it for bullet seating.
  • Decapping Spent Primers: As the pin continues through the case, it decaps the spent primer, efficiently removing it from the fired brass. 

This dual functionality streamlines the reloading process, saving time and enhancing the overall efficiency of your reloading process.

The upper part of the pin is purposely made rougher, to increase the retention of the pin in the die collet. This pin is designed to slide up if case of a blockage, not break. The user can then loosen the collet, reset the pin position and continue reloading.

Total length: 3.37”
Main shank diameter: 0.2”

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