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CED/DAA Waterproof Target (Official/Approved) - Pack of 50
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CED/DAA Waterproof Target (Official/Approved) - Pack of 500

Manufacturers: CED


This is a bundle of 10x 50 Pack of CED/DAA Waterproof Targets.

The CED/DAA Waterproof Target take on Mother Nature at her worst. Regardless, of rain, hail, snow, humidity, freezing temperatures, or beating sunshine, our targets are designed to give the user the results they need. Those inconvenient plastic bags (raincoats) are now a thing of the past.  The CED/DAA Waterproof Target holds up in torrential downpours for hours. When using the CED/DAA Waterproof Pasters along with this target, the perfect combination is at work. The pasters stay in place, no matter how bad the weather is.

The CED/DAA Waterproof Targets come in USPSA, IPSC Classic (both with white backing), and IDPA licensed styles. 

Sold in 50 pc. Bundled packs.

CED/DAA Waterproof Targets are 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Proudly made in the USA.

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