Magload Reflex Option 3 Loader


Key features

  • Designed to hold a single round as securely as needed
  • Folds to only 5.5mm in width
  • Industrial 3M adhesive tape supplied
  • Fast empty start loads
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The most compact and low profile option 3 loader on the market. Designed to stay permanently on the gun without getting in the way when not in use.

The Reflex Option 3 Loader presents a cartridge just outside the chamber which can be knocked in right after the buzzer on an empty start. The loader will naturally fold in only protruding 5.5mm, avoiding any snagging whilst quadloading or operating the gun during the rest of the stage.

Supplied with industrial 3M double sided tape to allow it to be easily fitted to the gun.

Note: the standard Option 3 Loader is designed for right-handed guns, if you require one for a left-handed gun (ejection from the left-hand side) please leave a note in the order.

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