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Dillon XL 750 without Case Feeder
1 x Dillon XL 750 without Case Feeder
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Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol and Rifle Calibers
1 x Mr. Bulletfeeder by Double-Alpha - Pistol and Rifle Calibers
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Dillon Case Feeder Plate
1 x Dillon Case Feeder Plate
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Combo: XL 750 Machine Bundle 1

Manufacturers: Dillon Precision Inc.


Save 50USD/EUR on this Dillon XL750 and Mr.Bulletfeeder bundle.

Note: Image shows some additional accessories on the XL750 items which do not come as standard. Please refer to the Dillon XL750 product page for detailed information.  


  • Dillon XL 750 in caliber of choice
  • Case Feeder and Case Feeder Plate
  • Mr.Bulletfeeder in caliber of choice
  • Dillon dies NOT included

Please note: the current design of the new XL750 does not allow the MBF bullet dropper to be positioned in station #4 of the toolhead because of the angle at which the powder Dispenser bar extends directly towards it. This means the bullet dropper MUST be positioned immediately after the powder dropper, in station #3. That makes it impossible to use a Powder-Check AND a bullet dropper at the same time. We will attempt to come up with a solution to allow the powder dropper to be rotated to another angle to resolve this issue, but at the moment, be aware of this issue.

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