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DAA Magnetic Racer HolsterDAA Magnetic Racer Holster
DAA Magnetic Racer Holster
Difference between Racer and Race Master Holster

Q: What are the differences between the Racer and Race Master holsters?

A: The Race Master holster has an aluminum body which allows interchangeable inserts to be used. The Racer holster does not have this feature, and the holster body itself is made from Delrin, and is gun specific. Both holsters use the same magnetic gun retention system, and offer the same excellent secure retention and fast release of the gun.

They also use a similar hanger system.


General questions about the Racer-X Holster

Q: What is the maximum length gun you can put in a race holster?

A: There is no minimum or maximum gun length when using race holsters that do not require a muzzle support. That’s part of their appeal. The only limitations is, if your gun has a frame intergraded picatinny rail, you can not mount anything to it…scope mounts, lights as there will not be enough clearance. 

Racer Holster - Belt Setup

Q: What is the proper way to attach a holster to a belt?

A: Completely remove the 4 screws that secure the belt straps on the holster hanger. Once removed, lift out the belt straps. 

Place the outer belt in the belt hanger groove, place straps over belt and reinstall the screws. do not overtighten the screws to the point of bending the steel straps! they can be broken this way! Just tighten firmly by hand just enough so the holster can not slide on the belt. 

Do not try...