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Race Master Magazine PouchRace Master Magazine Pouch
Race Master Magazine Pouch
Mounting options

Q: Are the Race Master pouches ambidextrious?

A: All our pouches are ambidextrous and can be turned around to face the other for LH use. The ball joint in the back side of the RM Pouch is not welded. it may just be a tight fit. Remove the screw holding the side spacer, and then pull on the pouch body - it will come loose off the hanger. Turn the pouch body facing the other way, for LH use, and attach the ball joint on the opposite side. again - the fit is design to...

Magazine fitting

Q: My Race Master pouch has a tight fit to my magazine. Which spacer do I need to file to make a good fit?

A: Take a look at the following video clip:

Race Master Pouch Spacers

Q: Do you have to disassemble the pouch to swap out rear pressure spacers?

A: No. Simple turn the tension wheel until there is no more pressure on spacer. Then using your thumbs, push down o n both ends of the rear presser spacer and push upward. This will release the rear pressure spacer and leaf spring, swap our the spacers and set the leaf spring in the spacer, then push the spacer back into the pouch until you hear a click. The chamfered or angled end of the...