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Manufacturer: Rudy Project

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Rudy Project, Italian crafters of high-quality eyewear and helmets, have unveiled their latest performance sunglasses aimed at providing competitive shooters with perfect visual clarity, the Airblast. As the first sunglasses from Rudy Project designed specifically for precision sports, the Airblast incorporate a number of new and classic Rudy technologies unified into a seamless design that is sure to give a clear advantage on the range, or as some triathletes have discovered, in a race.

“Precision sports such as archery, rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting require absolute visual acuity, and the new Airblast are designed to give you nothing less,” said Paul Craig, President and Co-Founder of R.A.C.E., exclusive distributors of Rudy Project in North America. “Rudy has always aimed to provide athletes of all fields with the equipment necessary to elevate their performance. Now, the same award-winning technology that has been endorsed by professional triathletes and cyclists around the world is available to competitive shooters in a sunglass crafted especially for them. If you have a target, Rudy is there to help you hit it.”

Several key, patented technologies have been utilized in the creation of the Airblast to provide the upmost in ergonomics, protection and high-definition optics. Fully adjustable temple tips ensure a custom, precise fit for any face which won’t budge during recoil, and the newly designed ErgoVI™ nosepiece eliminates visual interference by maintaining a low profile and optimal position. Furthermore, the temple arms have been engineered with special ventilation openings to prevent fogging and strategically flattened so they may be comfortably worn under hearing protection.

The rimless mask design of the optics allow for total peripheral vision and a completely unobstructed view of any target. Another measure against heat buildup and fogging is the Vented Brow Bar™. Anchored to the top of the mask, this ergonomic bar distances the optics from the forehead, provides ventilation and prevents perspiration or UV sunlight from disturbing vision and concentration. Critical to shooting sports, eye protection is essential for any marksman and is built into the Airblast via Rudy Project’s patented ImpactX™ technology. Utilized in Apache helicopter windshields, ImpactX™ is a superior shatter-proof and photochromic lens that is guaranteed unbreakable for life.

These features have lead the Airblast to become a favorite among several professionals shooters, including officer Fred Mastison, owner Force Options Tactical Training Solutions. “Over the years, I have had dozens of shooting glasses come across my desk,” wrote Mastison in a recent review on “Some good, some bad, but each with at least one small flaw that I had to tolerate.  Those days are over now as I believe I have found the best pair of shooting glasses available.  Rudy Projects reputation for quality and ingenious design has been set in stone in my mind.  For professionals in the industry, Rudy Project should be considered the gold standard of protective eyewear. When the pressure of a class, a full speed tactical hog hunt, or blasting elk from 1,000 yards is on, you can count on Rudy Project to come through with the Airblast glasses.”

Interestingly, the Airblast have gained popularity not just among competitive shooters, but with endurance athletes as well. Pro Triathlete and IRONMAN® Kalmar 2013 Champion Pedro Gomes reviewed the Airblast at the 2013 IRONMAN® Arizona. “Although this sunglass was specifically engineered and designed for shooters and hunters, it seems like the model is becoming very popular amongst cyclists and triathletes,” wrote Pedro. “Performance wise the glasses were absolutely amazing. Especially on the lower, more aero position triathletes spend time in when on a bike. The lens is so tall and wide that it will feel like you’re using an aero visor with your TT helmet. The version I used – White Gloss with Photochromic Lenses – were absolutely perfect for IRONMAN® racing: you start off the day with a lower, weaker light, and as the daylight gets stronger, the lens adapts to it and makes for a very comfortable ride the entire day.”


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