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Double-Alpha Monthly Raffle, Terms and Conditions

At the end of each month, we raffle €100.00 in store credit, which is emailed as a coupon to the lucky winner.
The winner is selected from our customer base, and includes all registered customers, and unregistered customers who provided their email while browsing our site.
This coupon is valid for one month, and can be used for any purchase on the webshop during its validity.

List of previous winners:

Raffle Date  Winners Name  Country 
01/04/2019 Joni V. Belgium 
02/03/2019 gerhard l. Austria 
01/02/2019 Daniel C. Spain 
01/01/2019 jason h. Canada 
01/12/2018 Jermaine B. United States 
01/11/2018 Bob Y. United States 
01/10/2018 Daniel S. Germany 
01/09/2018 Robert G. United States 
01/08/2018 Daniel S. Switzerland 
01/07/2018 Huy N. United States 
01/06/2018 francois S. South Africa 
01/05/2018 Phillip R. United States 
01/04/2018 pierre s. France 
02/03/2018 b********** United States 
01/02/2018 Geraldo V. Brazil 
01/01/2018 ARTHUR D. United States 
01/12/2017 Rob S. Canada 
01/11/2017 DARLANDSON D. Brazil 
01/10/2017 Boris S. United States 
01/09/2017 Scott W. United States 
01/08/2017 Pieter N. Netherlands 
01/07/2017 Audie K. Netherlands 
01/06/2017 Александр . Russian Federation 
01/05/2017 Gabor B. Hungary 
01/04/2017 Chris E. United States 
02/03/2017 STEVEN L. United States 
01/02/2017 DAVIDSON D. Brazil 
01/01/2017 Belarmino L. Spain 
01/12/2016 christopher l. Australia 
01/11/2016 Curt W. Sweden 
01/10/2016 eric f. Belgium 
01/09/2016 Bernard P. United States 
01/08/2016 Barry R. United States 
01/07/2016 James W. Canada 
01/06/2016 Dale F. United States 
01/05/2016 Martinus R. Indonesia 
01/04/2016 w******** United States 
01/03/2016 Scott H. Canada 
01/02/2016 Donald K. M. United States 
01/01/2016 Joe S. United States 
01/12/2015 f****** Brazil 
01/11/2015 Clinton W H. United States 
01/10/2015 Olle L. Sweden 
01/09/2015 j****** United Kingdom 
01/08/2015 Mihaly B. Hungary