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Racer Holster Hanger Assembly
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Manufacturer: Double-Alpha Academy

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Racer Holster Hanger Assembly

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In response to popular demand, we are pleased to now make the Racer Holster Hanger Assembly available as an accessory part. The Racer Hanger is compatible with the Race Master Holster system, and so this gives you the option to use this hanger with your Race Master holster body.

The Racer hanger has a narrower belt clip than the Race Master does, but its round vertical rod design provides the user a greater range of rotation adjustment than the Race Master hanger allows for. It also provides another ½” inch (12mm) of downward height adjustment, for those who wish to lower the holster body a little further.

Another advantage of the Racer Hanger is that it includes a round plastic thigh pad, which is designed to swivel and adjust itself to the angle of your body, to give comfortable support to the weight of the holster.

Racer Holster Hanger Assembly

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