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Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder to Full Mr.Bulletfeeder Upgrade Kit

Manufacturers: Double-Alpha Academy


Do you already own a Mini Mr.Bulletfeeder and would like to upgrade to the fully automated Mr.Bulletfeeder?

This upgrade option will allow you to spend a little less by using the Dropper Die Section and Powder funnel (in case of pistol) you already have from your mini BF kit.

This special upgrade product includes a complete Mr.Bullet feeder, minus the Die section and powder funnel (in case of pistol) or minus just the die section, in case of rifle.


Please note:

The current design of the new XL750 does not allow the bullet dropper to be positioned in station #4 of the toolhead because of the angle at which the powder Dispenser bar extends directly towards it. This means the bullet dropper MUST be positioned immediately after the powder dropper, in station #3. That makes it impossible to use a Powder-Check AND a bullet dropper at the same time.

We will attempt to come up with a solution to allow the powder dropper to be rotated to another angle to resolve this issue, but at the moment, be aware of this issue.


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