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3D IPSC Master Design Kit / Stage Builder

Manufacturers: 3D Stage Builder


The 3D stage builder is a unique kit that is a must have for any match director or serious competitor/stage designer. Up until now stage designs have been made in Word, PowerPoint, Sketchup or similar programs. Each of these solutions comes with their own frustrations, mainly being time consuming and very hard to make adjustments. Not to mention the endless hours invested in learning a program then actually designing the stage - not suitable for everyone.

3D Stage Builder offers a hands-on experience with actual props which are true to size (one prop relative to the other), allowing you to make design adjustments in real time and give a 3D perspective of the stage. This kit is truly customizable and will allow for a better presentation of the stage. You can run your smartphone camera from a shooter's POV and share with your club, fellow shooters and match directors. 

Setting up a stage takes a few minutes and with the vast number of accessories in this kit - you can virtually design anything you can dream of!

Items included in the 3D IPSC Master Design Kit:

  • 1 Chair
  • 1 Table
  • 12 Barrels
  • 16 Target Stands
  • 1 IPSC 8ft Half Height Wall
  • 15 Wall Stands Square
  • 14 Fault lines
  • 10 Wall Stands Round
  • 2 Activator
  • 4 IPSC No Shoots
  • 1 Activator Box
  • 32 Target Sticks
  • 16 IPSC Targets
  • 5 IPSC Solid 6ft Wall 5 IPSC Solid 4ft Wall 5 IPSC Solid 8ft Wall
  • 1 IPSC 6ft Let port
  • 1 IPSC 6ft Right Port
  • 2 IPSC 6ft Center Port 1 IPSC 8ft Center Port
  • 4 Double Targets
  • 10 Poppers and 6 stands
  • 4 IPSC Half Targets
  • 2 Starting Boxes
  • 1 Advertising Wall
  • 1 VTAC Barricade

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