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Manufacturer:Double-Alpha Academy



For latest updates and announcements, visit: https://www.facebook.com/shotmaxx

New White Display option for the SHOTMAXX! Shipping now!

When first designed, we chose the gold characters on the black background for the SHOTMAXX. This option is sleek and modern looking, and extremely visible in bright sunlight. While other times get harder to read under direct sunlight, the SHOTMAXX's display would become more visible as the light became stronger. However, we came to realize that this dark background display is not the best option for indoor poor light conditions, and so we are pleased to now offer another choice as well - the new White Display SHOTMAXX.

Both options are available – and you can choose the model which best suites your taste and your needs. If you often shoot indoors or in low light, the White Display SHOTMAXX would be your better option. If you are more likely to shoot outdoors in strong daylight – both will serve equally well, and you should choose based on your esthetic preference.

The SHOTMAXX Timer by Double-Alpha is a new revolutionary shot timer, for both shooters and range officers.

It has long since been our goal to make a shot timer light and small enough to enable the user to wear it like a watch. A step in the right direction was achieved in cooperation with CED back in 2006, when we together introduced the CED7000. But, with the technology available then, going smaller was not possible. At least not a price we could pay.

SHOTMAXX on the rage:

But as time progressed, technology and microelectronics progressed a long with it. Prices came down and options opened up. And in August 2011 Double-Alpha Academy began the development phase of the SHOTMAXX. It has been a long and hard journey, but we believe we have a product which makes it all worthwhile!

SHOTMAXX is a shot timer like none that come before it. It is a lightweight and compact sports watch, elegant and low profile, and at just 60 grams (2.1Oz) is certainly light enough to comfortably wear on your wrist while you shoot. No more will you need to look down to your belt, or have your timer bounce around on your belt or around your neck as you RO or practice. Never again will you have to put your shot timer down, only to forget it on the range or lose it. The SHOTMAXX remains securely on your wrist throughout your entire session.

All other shot timers are sound activated only, and rather simple in their shot detection. They detect a loud noise – and if it passes a certain threshold – they identify it as a shot and show its time. But this kind of simplicity lead to erroneous readings, as other loud sounds can be accidentally picked up, especially when you increase the sensitivity. Claps, shouts or even loud talking can be recorded on the timer.

That is not the case with the SHOTMAXX. SHOTMAXX runs a sophisticated shot detection algorithm; far more advanced than anything else out there! It analyses the wave form of the sound it heard, decides if it follows a well-recognized form of a shot’s sound pattern. If it does – and the threshold is met (there are 10 levels of digital sensitivity adjustment in the SHOTMAXX) the shot is recorded. So the SHOTMAXX works as a normal sound activated timer – only better and more reliable. Its new high tech internal microphone offers more range than ever before!

But the SHOTMAXX does more! It is the first shot timer ever to use Accelerometer sensor technology, alone side microphone sensory, to pick up shots.

When you select to activate the acc (accelerometer/recoil sensor) your SHOTMAXX looks not only for sound but for recoil as well. You will use this feature when you wish to shoot along others on the range – but pick up on your shot time only YOUR shots!

It works like a charm! Wearing your SHOTMAXX on your strong or support hand wrist, you can shoot with others standing right next to you firing simultaneously – and ONLY your shots are recorded! The timer looks to match the sound of the shot with identified recoil – and when the match is made – a shot is recorded.

SHOTMAXX’s sensors are so sensitive that we are able to offer the best Airsoft performance ever seen! We were able to record the sound of shots from Airsoft guns fired indoors from a distance of 2-3m behind the shooter. Reliably and consistently! A range far exceeding that of any other timer we have tried. And the recoil sensor in SHOTMAXX works as well for airsoft as it does for real guns! Select “airsoft” from the sensitivity settings – and you are good to go! Be aware though that at this extreme sensitivity (especially if only Mic detection is being used) care must be taken not to bump or tap the SHOTMAXX – as those small sounds will be picked up if the sensitivity is dialed all the way up to Airsoft.

Great attention was paid during the development stage to create a product which was truly user friendly and perfectly suited to use on the range, for practice, coaching or ROing. SHOTMAXX has a display which offers excellent contrast and visibility even in direct sunlight at mid-day! It includes a handy backlight to illuminate the display when used in low light conditions. Its rechargeable battery will power the watch when used in watch mode for about 3 months, and when used intensely as a timer, it has power enough to offer 24-30 hours of continuous on-range use. The internal rechargeable battery can be fully charge using the supplied Micro USB cable in about 2 hours. You can plug it into your PC, or use any suitable USB car or outlet power supply.

And SHOTMAXX is the first shot timer even to offer Bluetooth connectivity! This ability will allow us and others to develop new apps to run on smart phones, tablets or PCs allowing you to collect your split times as you shoot them, and use your timer in a more effective way for training or match scoring. Look for more to come in this field in the coming months.

And of course it goes without saying that SHOTMAXX offers all the basic features you have come to expect from an advanced shot time:
4 types of Start delay options
Par setting
2 kinds of beep sounds + silent activation
10 levels of digital sensitivity adjustments + a customized Airsoft mode
Filter to eliminate echo’s on indoor ranges (some indoor ranges which are made of concrete are harder on the echoes - use Acc mode in such case).

In addition, it offers everything you would expect from a digital watch:
12/24 clock display Date display
Lap capable stopwatch
Programmable alarm
A handy 3min and 5min countdown tool for RO’s wanting to time walkthroughs.

SHOTMAXX does it all, and more. A truely ground breaking advancement in shot timer technology, proudly presented by Double-Alpha Academy. Patents pending.

How to use Spy Mode:
- In Timer Mode, press the Set button until you reach Spy = OFF. Turn it on by press the up or down buttons to set it to ON. - Press the Mode button to return to Timer Mode (exit settings).
- SHOTMAXX will show SPY - -
- Press the Start button. The display will show SPYon which means that the Spy Mode has been set to ON.
- Once the Start button is pressed, there is a 3 second countdown after which the timer is ready to pick up your hand movement and activate.

Once it has been activated, the display will show SPY only.
Once you make a sharp movement with your hands (reacting to the RO’s start beep) your SHOTMAXX will start running and record all shots being fired.

Recommended settings:
- Beep level: beep level in Spy mode is irrelevant since the timer will not beep on this mode.
- Sensor: if you are the shooter, set the Sensor to Acc (Accelerometer).
- Sensitivity: If you are the shooter, the recommended sensitivity for a large caliber handguns is MIN. If shooting Airsoft, choose Airsoft for sensitivity. If you use the Accelerometer, switch to sensitivity 5.

Box includes:
One SHOTMAXX timer
One Micro USB charge/update cable
Quick start guide

SHOTMAXX User Manual:
Download - English

Firmware updaters:
Windows Firmware Updater
Windows Firmware Updater - Instructions
Mac Firmware Updater (32 or 64bit machines, OSX 10.6.8 to 10.9)
Mac Firmware Updater (64 bit machines only, OSX 10.7 and up)

Firmware files:
Previous firmware May 2014 - 3049 (unzip the file prior to updating!)
Latest firmware July 2014 - 3085 (unzip the file prior to updating!)
NOTE: Firmware v.3085 requires an update to the iOS/Android apps. Your SHOTMAXX will not communicate to existing iOS/Android apps unless they are updated to work with this latest firmware version.

Bluetooth API:
Android API - Download here.
iOS API V. 1.1 - Download here.

Customer Reviews

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Displaying 1-8 of 9 reviews
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Displaying 1-5 of 9 reviews
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Displaying 1-5 of 9 reviews
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Keith Cottrell
Date Added: Tuesday 24 February, 2015
The best training aid I have ever used in my considerable number of years shooting Practical Pistol.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!)
Date Added: Sunday 08 June, 2014
Well, to use the phrase: \"Filter to totally eliminate echo’s on indoor ranges as well as outdoors.\" would be telling a lie. It depends on how the range is built. My indoor range is built of concrete. Without anything on the walls. And even with three layers of tape, it does not eliminate echo. Turned the watch to Accelerometer and that works snuggly. But if you training with a friend and wants to use the timer for him, it is not exactly time saving to take off and on watch all the time. All the other timers we have in the club works fine in there, but they are not \"watch style\" [DAA Comment: Some indoor ranges which are built from concrete are indeed harder on echoes. You can use a couple of layers of tape along with the SHOTMAXX skin to resolve this. Also make sure that the filter is set anywhere between 0.10 to 0.12 and Sensitivity \"Min\"].
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars! (3 of 5 Stars!)
Date Added: Monday 05 May, 2014
Shotmaxx review by Jane Wallace. I have been waiting to get my hands on the DAA’s new gadget – the Shotmaxx timer for quite some time now. I hesitated since it is indeed a new concept of shot timers and my old one was running just fine – so why to switch?! Reading up on some of the practical shooting forums, the feedback is mostly positive, and for those odd glitches, it seems that Double-Alpha have been on top of things and got them resolved quite quickly. I guess that this down to the firmware upgrades which is made available for this timer as opposed to the rest of the pack where you have to do with the version you received on the day of the purchase. So lets get down to it and see what this baby can do and what it can’t. Delivery I ordered directly from www.doublealpha.biz. I am quite old fashioned in the way that I always try to find the manufacturer and purchase directly from them. But you can of course purchase it locally as well. Delivery from the Netherlands to the US took 7 or 8 days. Not a big problem and no customs hassles either. Communication from Double-Alpha was good and I was notified once my order status changed and shipped. I did not however get a tracking number until I emailed them for one. 4/5 stars due to the fact that I had to ask for the tracking number. Otherwise it was a flawless transaction. Unboxing You would be surprized how small this timer is with its original box. DAA have not invested in fancy packaging that gets thrown away once you get your product out. In the box you will find the SM timer, a short USB cable for data transfer and charging and a quick start manual. I could use a detailed user manual though which I could not find in the box or for that matter on DAA’s website but I have been told that one will be released soon. Nevertheless I have been told that the timer’s operation cannot be easier – more on that later below. 4/5 stars since nothing was special here nor could I find the full user manual. Then again, who cares about the packaging?! All was tightly secured and got here in one piece. The display The first thing you notice is the display. While the display is relatively small, the actual data that is displayed on screen, the font size is larger than the font size on the CED7000 for comparison. The digits are fairly large and only relevant data is displayed. One of the pitfalls of other timers in the market is that the display cannot be easily read in direct sunlight. That cannot be further from the truth with the SM. In fact, the display is very clear when looking at it outdoors, but it could be tricky indoors. In poor light conditions you must face the display right towards you to be able to clearly read the data. The light button does not really help unless you are in a completely dark room. Don’t get me wrong, the display is readable indoors, but I would much rather like to see black digits on white background and not the other way around. I hope DAA will address this in future releases. The other problem is that the watch’s display surface is on the soft side and if you bump into things, the display will get scratched. To avoid this, I am using their custom case so my watch does not get scratched in my range bag. Double-Alpha will release a new silicone skin cover which will also include a screen protector – so does their 2014 catalogue say. I will surely get one of those! 3/5 stars due to the indoor display problems and the soft display surface. Operation The top left button is the Mode button. It switches from Watch -_ Timer -_ Stopwatch/Countdown modes. The Set button controls the settings in each one of the modes while the up and down (or Start and Rev) buttons are in charge of changing values. The light button will illuminate the display in dark conditions. Easy, easy, easy! 5/5 stars for ease of use. Functionality – Watch Shotmaxx has a standard watch built in which shows the time (12/24hr setting), date and features an alarm clock that could wake up the dead if needed! LOL. 5/5 stars for simplicity. Functionality - Timer This is where this baby comes to live and oh boy – the things it can do is mind blowing! Let me start by stating the only drawback I could spot at this time – it will only record one string. Having said that, I have been told that 3rd party apps that will allow you to save virtually unlimited amount of strings. SM of course sports all the standard timer features one can expect: 4 Delay Types, Par settings, Auto-Start, filter to avoid echoes and 3 beep types (off, soft and loud). But here comes the bomb, SM has two (2!!) input sensors – a microphone and an accelerometer. It took me a while to get my head around the two, but here is the run down: using the microphone is similar to the way you use any other shot timer. The timer will “hear” the shots and record them. Problem is – what if you are shooting next to other shooters? Your timer will record not only your shots, but also those that around you. This is where the accelerometer comes into play. Change the Sensor settings to Acc and the SM timer will record YOUR shots only while wearing the watch. Hesitant as I was, went to the our local busy range to test it. There were 3 rifle shooters on my left shooting large 50 cal down the range. On my right shot my club-mate with his .38super. I set to Acc, sensitivity to minimum and off I went. Well what can I say? It does what it says on the box and I did pickup my shots and my shots only. CONSISTENTLY! WOW. Alright, that works as advertised. What’s next? Thought to try out Airsoft. Airsoft is always tricky to time since the RO has to be REALY close to the shooter, on some occasions getting the timer so close to the gun that it interferes with your line of vision. Setting SM sensitivity to Airsoft mode, I was able to record shots from up to 3 yards away. What’s more, if you set the Sensor to ACC, you are able to consistently pickup your own shots without the worry of something else getting in between. Next? Spy Mode. Now, this is a really awesome feature. Here is how it works – you set Spy to ON and revert back to Timer mode. Once you are ready on the line and got the “load and make ready” command, you load your gun and press Start on the SM. You then have 3seconds to stay still with your hands. Once you hear the RO’s timer beep, you start your stage and naturally you move your hands. Shotmaxx will automatically start timing once it detects a hand movement. This is a really useful feature if you want to time yourself on a stage. SM also features Bluetooth to connect with iOS or Android apps. At the time I am writing this article, I was only able to play around with an app called Steel Scoring which is available on the App store free of charge. It allows to score Steel Challenge matches or training sessions and automatically transferring the time from the Shotmaxx to the app. Very cool indeed. I have been advised by DAA that some other apps are in the works, both for iOS and Android. I would really like to see how those work since there is great potential here. Both iOS and Android APIs are available for download on DAA’s website or on Shotmaxx.com so any developer can make a use of them. Nice! 5/5 stars. If I had 6 stars available, I would have made it 6 ☺ Functionality – Stopwatch/Countdown Once you are in stopwatch mode, press the Set button to toggle between stopwatch and two countdown settings: 3 and 5 min. Both features works well, nothing much to add here. 5/5 stars for ease of use. Beep level The beep level is just about right. The Type 2 beep is loud enough to be heard with earmuffs while Type 1 is more geared towards those who cannot hear some high frequency audio signals. 4/5 stars. Bottom line If you are looking for the next thing in practical shooting training, this is it! Shotmaxx offers some great features both geared towards the individual athlete and Range Officers/Match Officials. Along with some applications that are due to be released, SM will add another dimension and might even offer a complete match scoring if a brave developer picks up the glove.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!)
James Welsh
Date Added: Monday 05 May, 2014
Shotmaxx – Out of the Box Review A lot of water has gone under the bridge since I have started shooting IPSC. In the early days, only the “senior” shooters, perhaps one or two in the club, had owned a Shot Timer and used it to clock stages we put together during practice. Shot timers have become much more common since. If I look around the club, I believe that most shooters own a shot timer. A timer is a very useful practice tool. If you are a race driver and lapping all day long – won’t it be useful to actually clock your lap time and the time for each section of the track? Sure it would! If you think about it, there is not much point in practicing IPSC if you are just interested to see a few brass hitting mid air. You would be better off sitting at the poolside drinking a cold beer. Having owned a previous timer, which turned a bit old, I have come across Double-Alpha’s ad on the Front Sight Magazine about the new SHOTMAXX wrist watch Shot Timer. The first though that came in mind was “damn, why has anyone else not thought of that before?”, seems this tends to be always the reaction to a new invention, isn’t it? Unfortunately, by the time I logged on to doublealpha.biz, they have run out of stock. But I have been promised that new stock will arrive in a few weeks time so I placed my order. The postman knocked on my door last Friday and handed over a small box which seemed to me that DAA might have sent me a wrong item – I was expecting a TIMER in a BOX after all… Unpacking revealed a rather small, compact box. Inside was the SHOTMAXX, wrapped in nylon, a micro USB cable and a quick start manual in English. Instructions suggested that I must charge the timer for 2-3 hours before the first use – so I did. While DAA did not supply a wall charger, it was easy just to hook up the USB cable to my PC and get it charging from there. Had DAA offered a wall or car charger, I would have gladly purchased on. Perhaps they will offer those in the future. Cell-Phones could only do audio in the 90’s then a bit of messaging (SMS). The same goes for Shot Timers – some could only show the time, some would show the time along with multiple string data, and some could even offer several settings of Delay, Par etc. All of those Shot Timers are somewhat fixed and not “upgradable”. The interesting thing about SHOTMAXX is that it can send the recorded data to a 3rd party smartphone to then process it and do lots of cool stuff. From posting on Facebook down to having a large, live, display board. The sky is the limit. In this regards, DAA have made a huge leap forward in the Shot Timer world, but this is not yet it… I drove down to my club’s shooting range the next Saturday, eagerly anticipating shooting with my newly purchased SHOTMAXX timer. Since it was a sunny morning, albeit cold, a lot of club members had showed up rusting off in preparation to a big area match next weekend. It was time to get down to business and test SHOTMAXX to the extreme. During the first few drills we used to shoot at the club are precision shots at 25-30 yards. We all line up together and shoot. Draw, 2 shots, holster. I set SHOTMAXX to Acc mode (which stands for Accelerometer) – this would, in theory, pick up only my shots and ignore all the rest of the shooting which takes place just a couple of yards from me. Oh boy, the theory works! I was completely thrown sideways by this feature. I cannot praise it enough, the shot recoil detection works flawlessly. SHOTMAXX would pick up your shots by recognizing the recoil from your gun and simply ignore all other shooting that takes place next to you. The next test was to see how sensitive SHOTMAXX is when using the Mic mode (stands for Microphone) and sensitivity 8 (out of 9 possible). We set up a couple of stages and shot them in turns. I was up so I gave my timer to the club head, Big Mike (how inappropriate for practical shooting LOL). Big Mike is 74 years old, but when precision is needed, he can nail a coin from 20 yards away. So I handed over SHOTMAXX to Big Mike, and off we went. The beep went off and the next thing I can recall is huffing and puffing a the finish line, having shot 25 rounds and sprinted like a mad man (cardio gym sessions come into mind now…). I looked back and Big old Mike was no where near me, he was still 10-12 yards back. I felt sorry for him, having to run down the stage like that, but he would not take it any other way. “We will have to re-shoot” I said to Big Mike, thinking that surely the time is off. Having looked together at the watch, it showed 25 rounds with 17.71 seconds. All shots in!! Damn impressive! I might have setup the watch too sensitive (8 out of max 9 or in fact 10 if you count Airsoft) but it proved to pick up shots from a great distance, perhaps 15 yards or longer. I was concerned how would the display read on a bright sunny day, having had some bad experience with other timer models, but SHOTMAXX really excels in this regard as well. The display is “goldish” and the contrast is fantastic. The buttons tend to be on the sensitive side, but since all buttons apart from “Start” and “Rev” are effectively locked during timer operation, it is less of a concern. Resistance to the elements needs to be seen, but I have been advised by DAA that a new silicone skin/cover is in development so that might be a nice add-on to the package. All in all, my first impression is very positive. Grab one as soon as you can and you wont regret it. I will report back once I had a bit more mileage with SHOTMAXX.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!)
Tony S.
Date Added: Saturday 15 February, 2014
Using the Shotmaxx for IDPA practice matches and so far using it in spy mode with the accelerometer has worked well for me. It picked up every shot using it with three different bays of shooters going. Waiting for the bluetooth apps so I can log the times without reviewing and writing them down. Great product so far,,,
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!)
Curt Caserta
Date Added: Friday 07 February, 2014
I am a USPSA pistol competitor and purchased the Shotmaxx to make it easier to train on the range when other shooters are shooting and to continue improving my skills. The timer is light weight and comfortable and performs exactly as described. I emailed customer support for help in completing an initial firmware update and I was very impressed with how quickly their Business Development Manager returned my email and walked me through the update. Phenomenal customer service! Thank you.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!)
Date Added: Wednesday 15 January, 2014
Great timer, but a bit limited with the limit of 60 seconds for par timing. Will hopefully soon be 99 seconds, with the new firmware upgrade, but still a bit too limited for PPC matches needing 165 sec.
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! (4 of 5 Stars!)
Lior Bar-On
Date Added: Friday 15 November, 2013
Since being into IPSC, I kept a timer by another firm that required a staple diet of 9 volt batteries. The Shotmaxx is less demanding logistically as I spend most of my waking hours next to a USB power supply. In matches, as a RO, I have less to carry with the Shotmaxx on my wrist (a scoreboard and pen are already plenty). The beep's audibility for shooters was fine, including for super seniors who appreciate loud timers. Being able to time walkthroughs using the timer is a definite plus, as is knowing immediately the first shot time on the screen. Also, during the last match I refereed, other timers went out of action or were put away, but the Shotmaxx was on my weak wrist for the whole match, including when I shot it, which attests to its convenient size as well as utility. The ability to interface to other devices by Bluetooth hasn't been fully utilized yet and I cannot discuss it. Also I dry fire using Airsoft guns, so the Shotmaxx is a positive asset for gaining split times rather than just par times using its accelerometer mode. All in all - recommended and well worth the money.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Displaying 1-8 of 9 reviews
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Monday 11 August, 2014
Please update your SHOTMAXX timer to the latest FW version - 3085.
Tuesday 03 June, 2014
Team DAA Including Saul Kirsch, Eli Huttner, Max Michel and Emile Obriot have won Open Overall at EEO 2014. for more information visit our Facebook Page.
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