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Rudy Project RYDON
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Manufacturer: Rudy Project

Rudy Project RYDON

Reviews: 5 of 5 Stars!(Current Reviews: 52)

Rudy-Project has become in recent years one of the leading names in sports eyewear. You cannot watch a cycling or outdoor event on television without seeing Rudy Project worn by Champions and spectators alike.

In the USA Rudy Project has gained a strong foothold in IPSC and action shooting sports as well, replacing older brand names such as Oakley, as the top choice of many. Rudy Project has responded to this growing demand and has introduced this year a new 5-lens kit specifically for the shooting/hunting community.

Double-Alpha Academy is proud to offer these top quality eyewear. We stock only a select choice of the most popular colors in the RYDON model, however other models and colors are available. (Check out www.rudyproject.com) We can supply any model and color on demand. Just email us your wishes.


Seamlessly combining advanced design technology and the latest materials science, the RYDON blends cutting edge ergonomic features with hi-tech components (Carbon, Aluminum, Magnesium, Silicium and Titanium) to create super-lightweight, versatile, high performance sunglasses. RYDON has been uniquely engineered to allow for design specifications at the very pinnacle of eyewear. The RYDON by Rudy Project is a stunning wraparound masterpiece!

The RYDON model incorporates the following features:
• QuickChange interchangeable lens system.
• RP-D centered advanced visual acuity performance vision.
• Adjustable nosepiece. Total comfort, no fog no slip.
• E-lock – anti-slip nosepiece lock system.
• Safety Project – hidden hinges and side protection.
• Adjustable temples. Total comfort fit, eliminates pinching.

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Rudy Project RYDON
Konstantin Dimitrov
Date Added: Wednesday 04 May, 2016
Fantastic shooting glasses. Extremely comfortable and very well engineered. I use them with yellow lens for for indoor and poor light shooting and with laser black lens when I go to the range on bright and sunny days. I also use them when I drive and/or go for walk - I feel really well.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Rudy Project RYDON
Date Added: Tuesday 24 August, 2010
Really a very good product with a fantastic ratio Quality/Price Thanks Marc
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
Showing: 1 - 2 of 2

Rudy Project RYDON

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