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Rudy Project Airblast Performance Kit
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Manufacturer: Rudy Project

Rudy Project Airblast Performance Kit

Reviews: 5 of 5 Stars!(Current Reviews: 51)
The first sport-shooting glasses from Rudy project, made with shooters in mind!

The Rudy Project Airblast Performance Kit comes with three lenses:
- Racing Red
- Copper
- Transparent

Airblast™ was conceived and designed specifically for shooters and hunters, offering a superior fit and unrivalled optics. Iron will, steel pulse, perfect concentration and sight: a shooter is an athlete armed with patience who aims for precision because haste is the enemy of a good shot. Rays of light, wind, dust and insects can affect the vital concentration of an athlete. To help you stay focused only on the target, Rudy Project has created eyewear for dynamic shooting sports, a winning shot from pistol shooting to archery. Airblast™ is the most advanced solution in terms of protection, ergonomics and high-definition optics.

We have removed all the obstacles from your line of sight. Ideal for any sport that requires perfect visibility and, in particular, for precision sports, Airblast™ is the new Rudy Project shooting eyewear characterized by truly extraordinary visual amplitude. These glasses broaden your field of view and improve your concentration on the target, with no distractions. For greater breadth of vision, Airblast™ glasses have a rimless maxi mask providing exceptional visibility both laterally and vertically. A perfect engineering solution giving you a clear view of every possible target in the surrounding area. To improve peripheral vision and cut out optical interference, the AirBlast™ has a specially designed nose pad, the ErgoVI™. The low profile, small size and optimal positioning make it almost invisible so that it won’t obstruct the line of sight in any direction.

Ergonomics has always been our goal.
With Airblast™, mission accomplished! In consideration of the requirements of professional shooters, Rudy Project has incorporated a series of innovative solutions into the structure of its Airblast™.

The temples are thin and flattened so they can be worn under protective headphones and still offer maximum comfort. Special ventilation openings in the temples have been designed to increase air circulation and prevent the mask from fogging. The ergonomic adjustable temple tips of soft rubber ensure a snug fit even when recoil causes sudden stress and twisting of head. The nose pad is fully adjustable and covered with anti-slip rubber so you can find the perfect seat for the glasses on the nose at exactly the right distance from your face for better air circulation. The Vented Brow Bar™ is anchored to the top of the mask and has been scientifically designed to provide unsurpassed comfort and fit at all times. It is an ergonomic bar that distances the lens from the forehead and prevents drops of perspiration or impurities from disturbing vision and concentration. The bar has integrated ventilation channels which enhance air circulation vertically and heat dissipation.
The Grilamid® frame provides exceptional durability, flexibility and light weight.

Equipped with high-definition.
Airblast™ is equipped with the Quick Change™ interchangeable lens system that makes it possible to quickly choose the specific optical option for each light condition, quickly and easily by simply unhooking the mask from the temples.
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Rudy Project Airblast Performance Kit
Neil Gift
Date Added: Monday 30 March, 2015
The Rudy Projects fit my wife's Asian face quite well. With the kit, she can chose from an assortment of lens, with "Racing Red" being her favorite.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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Rudy Project Airblast Performance Kit

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