CED7000A AIRSOFT Shot Timer
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Manufacturer: CED

CED7000A AIRSOFT Shot Timer

Reviews: 5 of 5 Stars!(Current Reviews: 55)

NEW and specially designed for the Airsoft market. This new CED7000A timer has all the same great features are the well known CED7000 timer does – but it has a new and more sensitive microphone, especially calibrated to be used with Airsoft guns.
It’s ultra sensitive microphone my not produce the best results when used with big caliber guns, so choose this model only if you plan to use it with Airsoft only.


The CED7000 Shot-Activated Timer is truly a breakthrough in technology. No other timer to date offers this combinations of advanced features, compact size and lightweight. This is truly the "next generation" Shot Timer here  today! 

Features include: 
Memory storage/recall for review of 10 strings and an unlimited number of shots.  
Custom Par for single or multiple Par time settings, with variable delay intervals and the first ever hundredth of a second setting. 
Dual forward and reverse Review function. 
Fixed/Random/Instant of custom delay available. 
Shot detection microphone featuring 8 pre-programmed digital sensitivity settings. 
Illuminated fully functional LCD display, showing total time, splits, shot number, Par and first shot time. 
Date and time displays, including alarm clock feature. 
Optional RF remote capability for use with CED BigBoard and CED Time Keeper. 
New ?Spy Mode? for monitoring other shooters and visual starts. 
New ?Stopwatch Mode? for use of the timer as a stopwatch to clock props and other shooters on the range. 
Super loud Start beep over 110 dB the loudest in the industry! 
Rechargeable battery with low battery LCD indicator. Optional External Battery Pack. 
2 sets of Start/Review buttons. Choose which works best for you! 
Large display of overall time, for quick-glance identification. 
A wide range of accessories, to ensure that you have what you need to make your new CED7000 the perfect timer for you. 
Multiple carry devices and options.  
Wrist and neck band lariats.  

Note: the CED7000A timer comes in Orange color!

CED7000 Includes the following:

  • CED7000 Timer
  • AC Charger with adapter head
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Neck Lanyard
  • Wrist lanyard
  • Instruction Manual
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CED7000A AIRSOFT Shot Timer
WilliamP from Tucson
Date Added: Friday 14 April, 2017
Our Boy Scout Council purchased two of these for the new Airsoft Experience BSA program. They got a real workout last weekend at our Council Camp. It is great to have a product like this. Thanks.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000A AIRSOFT Shot Timer
Graeme Cooper
Date Added: Friday 03 June, 2016
As expected from CED and DAA a solid piece of kit, operates exactly the same as the standard CED 7000 and lasts all day long on a full charge. Having tried a standard CED7000 for airsoft this is better, but you still have to get quite close in for some of the guns used - especially non-upgraded ones and - noticeably - Glock versions - think maybe its because of the body of the gun around the barrel makes them a little quieter. So in summary a nice piece of kit but think the microphone could be made even more sensitive.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000A AIRSOFT Shot Timer
houllé pascal
Date Added: Saturday 24 August, 2013
tres bon produit tres satisfait...votre site est tres complet avec un choix de produits interressant
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000A AIRSOFT Shot Timer
Date Added: Tuesday 12 June, 2012
I have tried all sorts of apps for my Iphone and Android phone and tablet, to give me a basic shot timer for use in IPAS shooting with Co2 pistols - but none of them worked properly. I bought this unit, specially adapted for Airsoft, and it works perfectly, indoors and outdoors. When I train alone, I wear it round my neck on the supplied lanyard, and it is perfectly reliable. It gives all the timings you would expect, overall, split times per shot etc etc and a lot of other functions I may never use, but it is nice to know they are there if I get involved in other disciplines. Service from DAA was exemplary also.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
CED7000A AIRSOFT Shot Timer
Dmitry Berdnikov
Date Added: Wednesday 27 April, 2011
Very convenient timer. Simple management. Buttons of start-up are duplicated and easily accessible at a various arrangement of the timer. The menu intuitively clear. Reacts to a sound of a shot airsoft gun at a level of sensitivity 8. Weaker level of sensitivity demands fastening the timer on a wrist.
Rating: (5 of 5 Stars!)
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CED7000A AIRSOFT Shot Timer

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